Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How I'm doing

Well, it's been quite a long time since I have blogged. Many things have happened. In June I was hired by a local credit union to work in their marketing department as a Marketing Project Lead. My initial reaction was, “Oh, crap! Now I need clothes.” Since it was around my birthday, I used birthday money to buy some pants and shirts. I feel very comfortable working in this position. It's more or less where I would have been if I had kept working and not run my own business. My boss is great. I work with talented people. And I get paid and have benefits.

In fact, yesterday I took advantage of my benefits as I needed to go the doctor. I have been sick for over a week with congestion, runny nose, sore throat, pressure in my ears. The PA advised me that I have a secondary bacterial infection and prescribed antibiotics for me. I also brought up a couple other issues I wanted to talk to him about; the pain in my feet and wanting to try a new anti-depressant.

Since I have been walking almost everywhere since November 2009, and doing so in cheap shoes, I have developed plantar fasciitis. It's pretty painful, especially if I've been off my feet for a while (like after sleeping). I do have good shoes now and the PA gave me some exercises and stretches to help it out. But I'll tell you what, the 5 mile walk I had to do yesterday to get to the doctor, then to Target for my precsriptions, then all the way back home did not make my feet feel any better.

With some research and talking with others, I decided to forgo the SSRI I was taking and try an SNRI. Last night I started taking this SNRI called Venlafaxine, the generic form of Effexor. So fingers are crossed, but I'm pretty sure it will work fine.

The biggest thing right now I am dealing with is that in two days I will be legally and officially divorced. My heart is crushed by this reality, by what it means to me and to my kids. Already I don't get to see my kids' games, concerts, art, excitement, etc. I find myself a few times a month mourning the loss of being a present father for them. And I am really working hard to find ways to connect with them and really impact them in a positive way, but from a distance and with limited time, it's hard. I did get some good advice, though from some friends about some ways to connect with them. So I'll just keep plugging along, praying for inspiration for me, and blessings on them.

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